Corporate Financial Insurance

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Today’s corporate environment is characterized by increased sensitivity to Corporate Governance issues, stringent client contracts, demanding stakeholders and an increased need for protection against fraud. This necessitates companies to protect themselves against a wide range of exposures arising out of the dynamic nature of business.

  1. Burglary and Theft
  2. Credit insurance
  3. Money insurance
  4. Employee infidelity

Burglary and Theft

Covers loss or damage from burglary, i.e. theft following upon actual forcible and violent entry or exit from the insured premises.

Credit Insurance

Trade Credit insurance helps companies reach their goals by ensuring that their hard-won sales convert to cash.
Trade Credit Insurance protects open account sales - export and domestic - against non-payment resulting from a customer's legal insolvency or default, and can be expanded to include political risks around the world.

Money Insurance

is against loss of money whilst contained in a locked safe or cash box within the insured premises. The coverage can be extended to include loss of money whilst in transit.

Employee infidelity

Provides protection to businesses against the consequences of employee fraud, dishonesty and theft.